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The Ray A. Goldberg Chair
is now a reality!

Congratulations to all of you, and our team, for establishing the first University-wide Chair at Harvard 
committed to the Global Food System.

Celebrate the legacy of Professor Ray Goldberg by helping to continue his
work of  teaching, mentoring, and improving the world food system!

As part of that effort, Harvard University has approved the creation of a faculty chair to be named in his honor once sufficient funding is raised.  We are now collectively moving forward to achieve that significant goal, and we hope you will participate with us. “Us” includes devotees from the following parts of Ray’s life:  the Harvard Kennedy School, Ray’s Research Assistants from HBS and HKS, former students, former attendees of his senior management seminars at Harvard and around the globe. 
Also included are corporate leaders who have been mentored by Ray as are colleagues leading both large and small businesses of all stripes. 
Finally, among us are friends from every corner of the planet who regularly experienced the influence and inspiration of Ray’s career dedication to our world food system and all who participate in it.

How to make a donation now:

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Write a check.  Funding is currently being gathered through the not-for profit foundation, The Goldberg Charitable Corporation to Improve the Food System.  As an IRS sanctioned 501(c)3 charitable corporation, all donations are tax deductible.

Mail your check to: 
Goldberg Charitable Corporation 

193 Grove Street

Wellesley, MA 02482

Call if you wish to make a donation and to deal with a real person:
Liz Callanan 781-706-9832 cell
or email at

Ray Goldberg

Our Goal: 

To establish the Ray A. Goldberg Professorship of the Global Food System Harvard University-Wide Chair

Harvard University has long enjoyed an international reputation as a thought leader on the world food system, in no small part due to the groundbreaking work of Professor Ray A. Goldberg during his research and teaching career at Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and his work inspiring the next generation through seminars at Harvard College. In addition, Ray has also been a pioneer in bringing together and harnessing the expertise and resources of the many schools of the University and their alumni to work together on research impacting the global food system. In order to continue and expand the important global contributions that have defined Ray’s lifework at Harvard University, we are establishing an endowed University-wide Chair of the Global Food System.

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